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Shudder (2010)

Three figures – witnessed and witnessing – are bound, blurred and melded together to reveal a portrait of a dismantled family, its pigments violently peeled away and reapplied. Toronto choreographer Susanna Hood dreams the canvases of Francis Bacon to life. Shudder forges, with three performers, a work of missed connections that evokes sensuality, brutality and loneliness. Theirs is a grotesquely beautiful and disarmingly intimate encounter.

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The Frying Pan's Too Wide (2011)

Improvisations by Susanna Hood and Sarah Bild:

“This piece is about our working relationship. Every performance is a meeting place where we reveal and confront what we don’t know, side by side and face to face. No two performances are alike. Though our friendship and the many hours we’ve worked together have fostered familiarity, we can never predict exactly what will happen. You’re invited into this discovery with us. There is no big agenda to be deciphered, no abstract theme that you need to understand.” -- SH & SB

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She's gone away (2006)

A moment of sexual suspension. A woman in the fragmented home of her mind, caught in mid-flight, battles to stay in her body. She spins us through a continuous cycle of animal states that provide both the escape from and the clues back to her integrated self. This charged physical and emotional journey throws us into the depths of voracity, bravado, dread, despair, and release.

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Waking en-dessous (2004)

Delving into the shifting relationships between two people, a person and space, and the present an past through a visceral vocabulary of voice, movement, text, and light.

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still (2000; reworked 2004)

An emotionally charged forty-minute solo by Susanna Hood, still explores an infernal landscape of dream and memory – at one moment plummeting into darkness and blooming into light the next. In her synthesis of voice and movement, Susanna mines the full potential of the body as an instrument.

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She's gone away